Riverview Compound

In the style of Gdańsk

At the source of history

Riverview is a compound with a direct view of the Motława River, located in the Centre of Gdańsk – the city with a long history, inextricably linked to the sea and water. The buildings located at Na Stępce, Angielska Grobla and Jana Dziewanowskiego streets, will be reminiscent of the city’s traditional architecture.

The well thought-out functional layout and the care for the high standard of fit-out will reflect the company’s guiding principle – building resident-friendly flats.

About Riverview


The architecture of Riverview reflects the connection with Hanseatic city architecture at every stage. The designing of the compound focused on the combination between historical and modern character of the dynamically developing city of Gdańsk. Roof shapes, soaring buildings and emphasis on vertical structures will refer to the character of historic tenement houses. The body of the buildings, divided into higher and lower parts, creating new layouts, will convey an impression of lightness, at the same time defining the boulevard and frontage. Open spaces in between the buildings will allow for view of the river, Ołowianka Island and the Old Town. The carefully designed construction will harmonise with the existing frontage, completing it and in a way reproducing the historical division of plots.


The buildings will utilise high-quality materials. The construction will be developed with the use of triple-layered walls covered with the brick facade, other durable elevation materials and ceramic roofing tiles. Our architects took care of the acoustics of the interiors, using materials which outperform the standards in the market. Every flat features a high-class anti-burglary door and triple-glazed windows made of wood and aluminium, which prevent overheating of the interiors.

Care has been taken to incorporate in the project pro-ecological solutions that will make it possible for the investment, as the first one in Poland, to apply for a prestigious American certification LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The investment will incorporate a water retention tank that will protect the estate from excessive rainfall, energy-efficient lighting and thermal partitions of external walls significantly exceeding the requirements of law. The construction will incorporate natural, durable and low-carbon materials, which will allow residents to enjoy excellent-quality finish and at the same time ensure that the project is eco-friendly.


Riverview will comprise 7 buildings, with 282 apartments, each of well thought-out and functional layout. There is a large selection of different apartments available for prospective residents: from spacious one-level suites to comfortable two-level ones; from cosy studios to magnificent penthouses. Most apartments will have a terrace, a balcony or a loggia; some of them will have a private garden. Future residents will also be able to choose which corner of the world their window will overlook, and what view they will have – the water and the Old Town or the street and the green courtyard.

In the common areas there will be a garden with rich plantings. Lush greenery will blend in perfectly with the functional zones, being an ideal spot to unwind, enjoy the outdoors and have a cosy chat with a neighbour. There will also be a playground and a BBQ area. A parking garage, trolley station and storage rooms will also be at residents’ disposal.


High standard of the compound, location by the water and close vicinity of the biggest attractions and monuments of the seaside city, are the pillars of safe investment.


The sale of apartments will start after the construction of the estate is finished
- at the beginning of 2020.